Chemotherapy Day Unit (Peter Lovell-Davis)

Welcome to the chemotherapy day unit at the Whittington Hospital. It is located on the fourth floor of the Whittington Hospital. When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer your treatment may include chemotherapy and this is the place where you will receive chemotherapy treatment. Your oncology/haematology doctor will refer you to us for chemotherapy treatment and once the appointments have been allocated you will be contacted by chemotherapy nurse or doctor.
You will also be given an appointment to attend the unit for pre-chemotherapy assessment/chat where you will meet the chemotherapy staff, get familiar with the department, be informed about chemotherapy and its side effects and have the chance to ask any questions. The chemotherapy day unit is open Monday to Friday 0900-1700 and wherever possible we aim to schedule your appointments with you to fit in with you.
The chemotherapy unit is an open plan area with 9 chairs separated by curtains to ensure your privacy. We strive to provide a friendly, relaxing environment for patients and relatives. We encourage all patients to bring a relative or a friend to stay with you during your treatment. You will not have to stay in the hospital overnight, however you may need to spend most of the day in the unit. Our aim is to try to ensure your treatment day will run as efficiently as possible.
You will need to check in at reception and the receptionist will inform the nursing team of your arrival. Please feel free to bring a book, laptop or tablet computer to use whilst having treatment. There is free Wi-Fi available throughout Chemotherapy Day Unit. Please ask at reception for log-in details. For patients receiving treatment, we offer hot drinks and sandwiches and snacks, there also is a water fountain in the unit.
Once your treatment is completed, the nurse will fill out your chemotherapy record book, and ensure your next appointment is booked.
If you have queries regarding your appointment you can contact the reception on tel: 0207 288 3192 between 9am to 5pm. The chemotherapy nursing staff are also available out of hours, seven days a week who are able to give advice if you feel unwell. The out of hours contact details will be provided to you once you start your treatment.
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