Communications and Corporate Affairs

Communications and Corporate Affairs

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  • Monday to Friday
    9am to 5pm
    Out of Hours
    020 7272 3070 (ask for 3340 bleep holder)
The communications team is responsible for staff communications and briefing sessions, service marketing and support, and external communications.
Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments, or you need some communications support.
Please note that the communications teamis thefirst point of contact for all calls to Whittington Health from themedia and filming enquiries must come through the communications team.
Staff are advised to refer any direct approaches from journalists to the press office, so it is quicker to start with us.
We understand the various media deadlines and can usually identify and contact the most appropriate staff member quickly. We aim to provide a prompt service to the media.
In the event of a major incident, the procedure for dealing with press enquiries is set down in the major incident plan. One of the priorities of this plan is to provide information to the press as quickly as possible.
For more information on how we work with the media, seePress Guidelines.

General Enquiries

Please phone for any URGENT queries.

Out of Hours

020 7272 3070 (ask for 3340 bleep holder Whittington)
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