Press Guidelines

Whittington Health recognises that effective working with the media is important and influences public perceptions of an organisation and its staff. Good liaison and the co-operation of hospital staff can avoid conflict and negative publicity while safeguarding patients’ interests. The press office will respond positively to all reasonable media requests and will:
  • act as a principal gatekeeper for all media activity.
  • respond quickly to requests for information or comment.
  • identify appropriately qualified and trained spokespeople to speak on behalf of the Whittington to the press.
  • obtain patient and staff consent before releasing any information to the media except in the circumstances defined below.
  • encourage staff to co-operate with media requests where practicable while respecting their right to refuse to participate in filming or interviews.
  • encourage all staff to inform the press office of any incident or forthcoming event which may lead to positive or adverse media coverage.
  • treat all media requests on their merits and without favour.
  • rebut inaccurate, unbalanced and unfair media coverage.

Whittington Health reserves the right to decline media requests where these conflict with operational requirements or patient or staff confidentiality.

Press enquiries

All general press enquiries must be referred to the press office (020 7288 3131) so that it can co-ordinate responses. It is extremely important that journalists use this channel to ensure enquiries are dealt with quickly and appropriately.
The press office will not release information about any staff member or any patient to the media without consent, usually written, of the individual concerned.
If an adult patient is incapable of giving informed consent (as judged by the clinical team) it may nevertheless be in his or her best interest for basic information to be released – for instance to correct misleading speculation.
In such cases the decision to pass on information will take account of the view of any next of kin, or failing that, carers or relatives with whom they are in contact.
In the case of child, a parent or guardian must give consent.
The only exception is where a patient or former patient, or those acting on his or her behalf, has already invited the media to report on his or her treatment. Where the resulting media coverage contains inaccuracies or unfair criticism, Whittington Health may comment in public, using factual information to correct misleading reporting.

Filming at Whittington Health

Whittington Health considers all filming requests and proposals on an individual basis.

No photography or filming is permitted without prior arrangement and agreement. Our patients always come first and we have a duty to protect their safety and confidentiality.

The Trust has a location charge tariff in place for those wishing to film or take photographs for commercial purposes. For more information please contact the press office on 020 7288 3131.

Anyone found filming or taking photographs on the Trust premises without the permission of the trust’s communications team will be asked to leave by the security department and may face prosecution.
Last updated04 Jul 2018
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