Infant feeding and relationship building (Islington)

Infant Feeding in Islington

Welcome to the Bright Start Infant Feeding services.
We hope this webpage will offer an insight into services and resources to support families during there infant feeding journey. Please explore and if we can be of any further support our contact information can be found below.
Bright Start Islington is passionate about Infant Feeding. All practitioners within Bright start are Infant feeding trained in accordance with the Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative. In 2019 the Bright Start Health Visiting services received re-accreditation and Bright Start Children’s Centres achieved accreditation. We are extremely proud to work with families during their infant feeding journey and have an array of services which are available to advise and empower families.
We aim to provide encouragement, support and up-to-date information for all Islington parents. We work to empower mothers to breastfeed their babies confidently and successfully. For those who choose to bottle feed their babies, we aim to provide information to enable safe bottle feeding and build responsive feeding. As the infant feeding journey continues, Islington have a range of services to support with introducing solids and some of the other infant feeding milestones.

Covid-19 Update

For information about feeding support during COVID 19 please click here.


Healthy Start

  • Find out about the Heathy Start scheme and how COVID-19 may affect some of the services with this helpful factsheet. Click here to view
  • View the latest opening times for the vitamin Healthy Start Scheme distribution.

Help Me Grow My Brain – Relationship building

 In pregnancy and the early years of life your baby’s brain is growing very quickly and there are many things you can do to help them to grow and make them feel safe and secure

Responsive Breastfeeding

Responsive breastfeeding is about responding to your baby’s cues and not following a schedule or routine. Responsive breastfeeding recognises that feeds are not just for nutrition, but also provide comfort and reassurance for both mother and baby. For Islington services click here.

Breastfeeding support

Throughout your breastfeeding journey there may be times where you need support and guidance. In Islington we have a number of services to help that are free for all parents.
For Islington services click here.  Some further helpful resources can be found below.

Feeding out and about in Islington

Feeding when you are outside of your home can feel worrying for many parents. Islington is a 'breastfeeding welcome' borough and supports mothers and their baby's to feed when and where they feel comfortable. For more information about feeding when you are out and about in Islington, we have some helpful resources below:

Responsive Bottle Feeding

Responsive bottle feeding is about supporting you to tune in to your baby’s feeding cues by holding them close during their feeds, offering the bottle in response to feeding cues and pacing the feeds. For more information contact your Health Visitor.
You may find the following information may useful too:

Introduction to family food

At around 6 months, babies develop the skills they need for managing solid foods. Click here for more information.
Start4Life have also produced a handy bite-sized guide which can be downloaded here.

Safer Sleep

There are lots of ways to help your baby to settle and our sleep patterns and needs change throughout our lifetime. Click here for more detail from the Lullaby Trust.
More information on caring for your baby at night can be found in the leaflet below

How to contact us

Islington Peer Support - 020 3316 8439 /
Islington Infant Feeding Team - 0203 316 8441
National Breastfeeding Helpline - 0300 100 0212 (09:30am – 09:30pm 7 days a week)
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