Child Health Clinics

What are they?

Our Child Health Clinics are run by the Bright Start health visiting teams in both health centres and children’s centres. They are a great opportunity for you to drop in, meet the team as well to ask any questions you might have regarding your own or your child’s emotional and physical wellbeing including growth, development and immunisations. The child health clinics are subject to change during the holiday seasons, so be mindful to check the Family Information Services website during these times.

How often should my baby be weighed?

The table below provides information on how regularly your baby should be weighed.
Weight Length/height Head circumference
Birth N/A Birth
10 days – if the baby has failed to regain birth weight a further weight should be taken at 2-3 weeks N/A 10-14 days if indicated i.e. parental or professional concern
6-8 weeks N/A 6-8 weeks
12 weeks N/A N/A
16 weeks N/A N/A
12 – 15 months (health review) N/A N/A
2 – 2.5 years 2 – 2.5 years N/A
5 year (by school nurse) 5 year (by school nurse) N/A
Please remember to bring your red book whenever you attend a clinic.

Bright Start East

Venue Day & Time HV Team
Hanley Road Primary Care Centre
51 Hanley Road
N4 3DU
Mondays 1-3pm
020 7527 1510
Conewood Street Children’s Centre
14 Conewood Street
N5 1DL
Mondays 1:30-3:30pm
Highbury East
020 316 8019
Hornsey Rise Health Centre
Hornsey Rise
N19 3YU
Thursdays 1-3pm
020 3316 8684
Northern Health Centre
580 Holloway Road
N7 6LB
Fridays 9.30-11am
Finsbury Park
020 3316 1820
Highbury Grange Health Centre
1-5 Highbury Grange
N7 6LB
Fridays 9-11:30am
Highbury West
020 3316 8012

Bright Start South

Venue Day & Time HV Team
Moreland Children’s Centre
2 Gard Street
Thursdays 9-11am
Bunhill & Clerkenwell
0203 316 1094
New River Green Children’s Centre
23 Ramsay Walk
N1 2SX
Tuesdays 1-3pm
Canonbury, St Peters & St Marys
0203 316 8461
0203 316 8458

Bright Start West

Venue Day & Time HV Team
Bingfield Health Centre
8 Bingfield Street
N1 0AL
Mondays 2-4pm (Weigh only)
Wednesdays 9-11.30am
Barnsbury & Caledonian
0203 316 1610
Archway Children’s Centre
Vorley Road
N19 5HE
Tuesdays 1-3pm
0207 527 6811
Goodinge Health Centre
20 North Road
N7 9EW
Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm
St Georges
0203 316 8631
Paradise Park Children’s Centre
164 Mackenzie Road
N7 8SE
Fridays 9:30-11:30am
0207 527 8494
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