Support from the team

Where appropriate we carry out detailed assessment of children’s speech and language strengths and needs.  For most young children, this will be a play-based assessment, using a range of different toys.  For some older children we may use more formal assessment, for instance looking at pictures together.
After the assessment has been completed we summarise the information in a report which we share with parents/carers, GPs, Health Visitors, nursery/school and any other professionals involved in the child’s care.
The support offered will depend on the child’s age and their needs and may include individual or group therapy sessions in the clinic.  Parents/carers are a crucial part of their child’s therapy and observe and participate in the therapy sessions.  We share useful strategies and activity ideas with parents/carers and nursery/school staff to ensure each child gets the support they need between therapy sessions and to help children practise and generalise new skills in their daily life.
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