Health Centres Speech and Language Therapy

EYT - EYSLT - HCSLT - Introduction
The Health Centres team is a clinic-based service which provides assessment and therapy for children with speech and language difficulties up until the end of nursery year. We are able to see children who have an Islington GP.
We have two clinics:
  • The Northern Health Centre (Holloway Road, N7)
  • River Place Health Centre (Essex Road, N1)
We accept referrals from parents and from any professional working with the child, with parental consent. Once we receive a referral, we aim to offer the first appointment within six weeks.
We provide specialist support for young children with a range of speech and language needs, including children with Down Syndrome.  These may include difficulties with:
  • Concentrating and listening
  • Playing and interacting with others
  • Understanding what others say, e.g. following instructions or questions
  • Using words and sentences
  • Saying words clearly
We work closely with the childís nursery/school and may also liaise with other professionals working with the child, for instance a psychologist, Health Visitor, Paediatrician or Family Support Worker.
Page last updated: 16 Aug 2021
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