Services targeted for babies and children aged 0-5yrs

Early Years Therapies

Camden Early Years’ Speech and language Therapy Service
The Camden Early Years’ Speech and language Therapy Service work with children in their pre-school years who have a range of communication needs. We work mainly across four health centres; Hunter Street Health Centre, Kentish Town Health Centre, Gospel Oak Health Centre and Belsize Priory Health Centre and our aim is to support parents and carers to develop their child’s communications skills.
Some of our therapists also work in local Children’s Centres and nurseries. We have close links with local services including family support, health visiting, parent champions and nursery practitioners and we provide training for colleagues across Camden.
Kathleen Cavin, Clinical Co-ordinator for EYS SLT in Camden

Pre-school special needs (MOSAIC)

The Camden MOSAIC Service is an integrated team of health professionals, including Speech and Language Therapist, working with families of children with complex needs (0-18years). The service is based at Kentish Town Health Centre and includes a range of different services: Child Development Team (CDT), Downs Syndrome Pathway , Social Communication Assessment Service (SCAS), Complex Feeding Clinic . We aim to assess the needs of the child, in relation to their communication skills and/or their eating/drinking skills (dysphagia) as appropriate, and we offer support and therapy to parent/carers to understand and develop their child’s skills as appropriate. We also liaise closely with other professionals (education, health and social care) working with the child to support the child’s needs in different settings.
Alison Montgomery, Clinical Co-Ordinator for SLT in Camden MOSAIC:
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