Main Address

  • Clinic 3B
    Whittington Hospital
    Magdala Avenue
    N19 5NF
  • Diabetes nurses are available 9am 4.30pm Monday to Friday on telephone number 020 7288 3344


  • Monday to Friday
    9am to 5pm
The department of Diabetic Medicine aims to improve the health of people with diabetes via education, training, research and through the service it provides.
The service seeks to offer the highest quality care to all local people with diabetes, regardless of age, gender or ethnic group, to enable every person with diabetes live a healthy and fulfilled life.
The department works closely with other hospital departments, other local healthcare organisations and primary care colleagues.

Range of services

  • Outpatient clinic for patients with thyroid, calcium, adrenal and reproductive endocrinology disorders
  • In-house radioactive iodine therapy for thyroid conditions
  • Monthly specialist paediatric endocrinology clinic is provided in collaboration with the paediatric department
  • Follow-up phone clinic
  • For patients with pituitary tumours we have links with the neurosurgical services at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Self management programme for patients with Type 2 diabetes
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