Adults' Assessments

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Adults’ Assessments You will be offered an assessment session which will last approximatey 2˝ hours.
The therapist will:
  • go through a structured interview with you which will help you to understand the ways in which stammering impacts on your life and what you want to do at this point
  • look at the questionnaires that you have completed
  • record a sample of speech to analyse
  • talk with you about the nature of stammering, give you time to ask questions, talk about key issues that have cropped up during your discussion together, talk about therapy options and help you decide what you would like to do next
  • after the consultation we will send you a clinical report that outlines the decisions that were made together. This will come to you first to agree before distribution

Click here for more information on the MPC adult service.

FAQs about the assessment

What if I am not stuttering much on the day?

That doesn't matter. We know that stammering varies and that we may or may not see the stammer the way you experience it elsewhere or at other times. However, you will be able to tell your therapist about how it can be at other times.

What sort of therapy do you offer for adults?

The MPC staff are specialists who have training and experience in a number of therapy approaches. If you decide to have therapy it may focus on psychological aspects of stammering, using a psychological approach, for example Cognitive Therapy or Brief Therapy. Alternatively, your therapy may focus on developing better skills at managing moments of stammering or on generally increasing your confidence in communicating. Often therapy integrates these three components.

Last updated19 Jun 2019
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