Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV)

HPV testing is now available on the NHS (April 2013) and is carried out on smear tests when they are reported as Borderline or Mild changes/ Low grade. If your smear is reported back as Borderline or Mild and has high risk HPV detected you will be referred to colposcopy so your cervix can be examined. If you have these minor changes but have not got high risk HPV this is very reassuring so you do not need a colposcopy examination and can return to routine screening.

A positive HPV test means that you have one or more of the high risk types of HPV. It does not mean that you will develop cervical cancer, you may still clear the virus. The test provides us with more information so the correct management plan can be organised for you. There is no reliable treatment to get rid of the virus. Smoking has a significant impact on the bodies natural immune system, therefore you are less likely to get rid of the virus if you smoke.
NHS Cervical Screening Programme
Page last updated: 12 Jun 2013
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