Ms Jennifer Buchanan

Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist

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Jennifer trained in Durham with a BSc in Podiatric Medicine. She subsequently gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes from Roehampton and a MSc in Health Practice from Salford. After qualifying, Jennifer worked in a busy inner city hospital in Birmingham for 7 years before moving to London.

Jenniferís current post involves assessment and treatment of patients, primarily with diabetes, who have at-risk or high-risk feet and limbs. She gives advice to these high risk patients and other patients. She reviews patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes and teaches on our group education sessions for patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. Jennifer trains junior Podiatrists in specialist diabetes foot care and teaches on our Diabetes Foot Care Accreditation Scheme for local GPs and Practice Nurses. She is the Podiatry representative on the Islington Diabetes Strategy Group.

Jenniferís special interest is managing patients with diabetes and with high-risk foot problems. She enjoys the challenge of managing these patients who require intensive podiatric input. She undertakes various specialist treatments, including laser therapy and maggot therapy.

Jennifer enjoys working at The Whittington Hospital because it is a large, central London inner city hospital. This setting has a high number of patients with diabetes. It also means that she manages patients from many different ethnic backgrounds, patients from wealthy or deprived social backgrounds and patients of all ages. She cannot think of a better place to practice her line of work.


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