Emergency Medicine & Trauma Medicine

The Emergency Department team are committed to providing high quality multidisciplinary simulation training.

We aim to use our frontline experience in treating critical unwell patients and looking at team dynamics to ensure an effective model on which to base simulation training with our colleagues in other specialties.

This is an exciting opportunity to provide innovative training and education. It will help us improve the quality of care and patient safety through the Simulation Centre and mobile simulation in the Emergency Department.


To develop multi-departmental working by bringing ED/ITU/CMT/Anaesthetic staff together for training eight candidates.

The Whittington Medicine Faculty is collaborating with other training units in the NE/NC Sector to create a CMT simulation programme aimed at providing world-class clinical training by the promotion of educational excellence and quality with a focus on patient services and the development of behavioral insight.

The provision of one to two days per year of high fidelity simulation training for all CMT trainees in the sector.

Running clinical workplace based scenarios e.g. key medical presentations, simulations of NPSA serious incidents, local critical incidents and SUIs.

Aligning training to protocols, team working, human factors, patient safety, professional skills, communication skills and non technical skills.
Time Duration Activity
9.00 15 Introduction
9.15 45 Human factors
10.00 30 Scenario 1 Sepsis
10.30 20 Debrief
10.50 15 Coffee
11.05 30 Scenario 2 Haemorrhage
11.35 20 Debrief 2
11.55 5 Questions
13.00 15 Introduction
13.15 30 Scenario 3 SUI Scenario
13.45 20 Debrief 3
14.05 15 Tea
14.20 30 Scenario 4 Anaphylaxis
15.10 20 Debrief 4
15.30 10 Evaluation & close
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