Critical Care Simulation

Critical Care Simulation at the Whittington Hospital

In a groundbreaking cooperative venture between the departments of intensive care, the emergency department, anaesthetics and acute medicine, we plan to run a truly innovative multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental medical emergencies simulation.


Traditional medical education, including simulation, has focused on particular disciplines and, even when multidisciplinary, has remained department based. However optimal management of medical emergencies requires coordinated activity across disciplines and departments within the hospital.

Although clinical guidelines should provide a way of coordinating a multidisciplinary response to a medical emergency, audit shows that even when a guideline is present compliance often remains disappointing. We hope to demonstrate that genuine multidisciplinary practice in a realistic environment will foster better team-working and guideline compliance. High fidelity simulation offers a unique opportunity to enhance patient safety by improving the management of medical emergencies.
Page last updated: 15 Dec 2009
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