Anaesthetic Simulation

Anaesthetic Simulation at the Whittington Simulation Centre

Anaesthetic Simulation at the Whittington Simulation Centre

At the Whittington we have numerous part task trainers for anaesthesia skills learning in airway management, vascular access training and epidural insertion.
In the Simulation Centre we plan to offer some of the immersion simulation training courses for groups of the Central School of Anaesthesia trainees as mapped out by the London Deanery STeLi Anaesthesia Curriculum Advisory Group. This states that all anaesthesia trainees receive one full day of immersion training for each year of training, tailored to their level.

Immerson Simulation Training

Anaesthetists can be trained to improve their performance both in routine and complex scenarios where non-technical skills can be practiced and scenarios managed in a learning environment. Life threatening crisis situations can be simulated so important skills such as team working, communication, decision making and leadership can be developed through appropriate reflection and feedback to the trainee anaesthetist.
Curriculum Year Course
ST1 Novice
ST2 Obstetrics
ST3 Crisis Management 1
ST4 Difficult Airways
ST5 Paediatrics
ST6 Trauma / Intensive Care
ST7 Crisis Management 2

Airway Crisis management course

You are invited to an Airway Crisis Management Workshop.
This will include hands on training for technical and non-technical skills on managing a situation of difficult airway within a team, including:
  • Management of an unanticipated difficult airway as per the Difficult Airway Society guidelines
  • Emergency cricothyroidotomy
  • Use of advanced airway equipment: ILMA, Fibreoptic
This workshop is suitable for anaesthetists, anaesthetic assistants and recovery nurses.
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