Dr Bernard Davis

Dr Davis trained in haematology at the Whittington and University College London Hospitals. After four years in clinical and laboratory research in iron chelation treatment for transfusional iron overload at University College London, he joined the consultant staff at the Whittington Hospital in 2001. He has worked in the sickle cell and thalassaemia field for 10 years and has ongoing research interests in these conditions.more

Dr Norman Parker

Dr Parker has a keen interest in the holistic approach to all patients. He is a member of the British Nutrition Society and has worked with patients to improve their understanding of the importance of healthy eating. Those who have followed the advice have often been surprised by the benefits that this simple measure has brought.more

Professor John Porter

Professor Porter is an international authority in iron metabolism with a special interest in chelating agents. He has an ongoing research programme based at University College London.

Dr Farrukh Shah

Dr Shah was awarded her MD thesis for research in iron chelation at University College London. She has already built an international reputation in the management of iron problems and of thalassaemia. She speaks a number of languages, which has enabled her to communicate directly with some of the communities from India and Pakistan and she has been invited to do a number of broadcasts about thalassaemia to ethnic minority groups.more
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