Foundation training

Foundation rotations offer opportunities for training within our hospital and community settings. All Foundation Year 2 rotations provide experience in emergency medicine. For each year you are allocated an educational supervisor for the entire year to provide you with continuity of support and guidance. You will be allocated a clinical supervisor within each placement that you rotate through.

Foundation Year 1

  • 30 Foundation Year 1 (FY1) posts.
  • Organised as ten rotations each consisting of three to four months. Some of these will be two posts of two months duration to widen your experience within medical specialties.
All FY1s get the opportunity to rotate through at least three jobs in different specialties.
FY1 induction and shadowing
  • Whittington Health operates an electronic prescribing system - you will be fully trained in the use of this system as part of your induction (90 minute session)
FY1 compulsory training
In order to meet the requirements of your annual review of competent progression (ARCP) at the end of the training year, we will organise the following sessions on site for you:
  • Foundation level practical procedures – immediately follows induction, two weeks of daily teaching on practical procedural skills required at foundation level
  • One day foundation level simulation training
  • Advanced life support
  • You will have the opportunity to enrol on a Training to Teach programme, organised by the UCL Medical School and free for Whittington Health trainees

Foundation Year 2

  • 23 Foundation Year 2 (FY2) posts
  • 5 rotations each consisting of 1x6 months emergency department post and 2x3 month posts
  • 1 rotation of 1x4 month emergency department and 2x4 month posts
  • Four academic posts
FY2 induction
  • Whittington Health operates an electronic prescribing system - you will be fully trained in the use of this system as part of your induction (90 minute session)

Teaching schedule

You are required to attend the organised teaching sessions by the reported start time and sign the attendance register. Following each session you will receive a request to provide feedback on the session via email. Your attendance is only registered once this feedback is provided. 80 per cent attendance must be achieved in order for you to meet the requirements for your ARCP at the end of the training year.

Centrally arranged teaching programme
Every Tuesday and Thursday 12.45-2pm, Whittington Education Centre

Grand Round
Every Wednesday, 12.45-2pm, Whittington Education Centre

Departmental teaching
Teaching within specialties is organised, normally on a weekly basis

Quality improvement, audit and patient safety
We organise monthly presentations from consultants and trainees on quality improvement and audit projects. The Trust lead for patient safety then leads an open forum discussion on issues encountered around patient safety.


Trainees interested in a particular field may try to organise a taster to be done early in their F2 year or late in their F1 (third placement). Study leave time may be used for placements in specialties that trainees wish to explore.

The purpose of such a placement is to give trainees some understanding of what the specialty could offer as a future career, including research and educational academic tasters, and to engender an understanding of the specialty and its contribution to the care and safety of patients.

Careers support

During your F2 year the training programme director will arrange a one-to-one session with you to discuss your career aspirations. Prior to the opening date for specialty applications we will organise a briefing session for you with existing trainees from across all specialties for them to pass on the benefits of their experience in completing applications and preparing portfolios for interviews.

Shortly before the interview dates we will organise an interview preparation session where consultants and senior trainees will take you through a mock interview session to provide you with feedback on how to maximise your performance on the day.
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