Eye clinic (ophthalmology)

Eye clinic at Wood Green
The eye (ophthalmology) clinic at the Wood Green Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) is run by The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. At this service you may receive tests for glaucoma or medical retina. The technicians at the site work closely with the clinicians at The Royal Free Hospital.
The Wood Green CDC brings our hospital service onto the high street. You will see the same members of staff and your results are reviewed by the same doctors. At the CDC, we are able to offer a friendly and quick service, which means you will spend less time having your tests carried out.

Tests at the eye clinic


 For glaucoma appointments, the following will happen:
1) Check vision
2) Take history / medication details
3) Scan two parts of the eye with one scanner
4) Check the eye pressure
5) Measure the refraction of both eyes (strength of glasses)
6) Visual fields   including a check of your peripheral vision
7) Take an image of the optic disc

All tests can be completed within 30-45 Minutes


Medical retina

For medical retina appointments, the following will happen:
1) Check your vision
2) Record your history/ medication
3) Measure your eye pressure
4) Dilate the eye with eye drops if the above (pressure reading is within normal reading)
5) Scan the layers of retina
6) Take a fundus image of the retina
All tests can be completed within 20 minutes.

How will you receive your results?

If all tests are normal, they will be sent to a queue to be looked at by an eye doctor. If there is anything abnormal or worrying, the test results will be fast tracked and reviewed quickly by an eye doctor.
If a technician sees anything worrying, they will contact the eye casualty at The Royal Free Hospital, and book you an appointment within 24 hours. 
Page last updated: 09 Mar 2023
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