Palliative Medicine

Palliative Medicine

Main Address

  • The Whittington Hospital
    Magdala Avenue
    N19 5NF
  • 020 7288 3682


  • Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

Palliative care is for people living with a terminal (sometimes called life-limiting) illness and those with a complex illness where symptoms need to be controlled.

Palliative care makes you as comfortable as possible by managing your pain and other distressing symptoms. It also involves emotional, social and spiritual support for you and your family or carers.

You may receive palliative care in the last months or years of your life, or earlier in your illness while you are still receiving other therapies to treat your condition.

Palliative care team

Our team of clinical nurse specialists and consultant provide palliative care support for inpatients at The Whittington Hospital. We have specialist skills in pain and symptom management and provide support on emotional, social and spiritual matters at the end of life.

Patients remain under the care of their clinical team and receive additional care from the palliative care team
Palliative care guidelines

We follow theNHS Scotland Palliative Care Guidelines and use an end of life care plan aid to make sure that patients and their families receive high quality care at the end of life.

Previously we used the Liverpool Care of the Dying Pathway, which we withdrew in August 2013.


Referrals are accepted from hospital inpatient clinical teams.

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