Why get involved?

Research active hospitals have better clinical outcomes for patients, than those that are treated in non-research trusts. This has enabled the research community to collaborate to raise the standards of healthcare for patients.
Patients and the public get involved in research for many reasons, these include:
  • Potential access to new treatments
  • Wanting to help others
  • Wanting to contribute to a better healthcare system

Here’s what some of our patients said about what motivated them to take part in research:
  • “To make a difference, improve treatments for patients. To give back for such a good outcome I've had”
  • “To help develop this ground breaking area of medicine”
  • “I have had cancer and want to help”
  • “We need to learn and the only way to do that is research”
  • “Research is important to develop best practices”
Last updated25 Feb 2020
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