Request a Literature Search

Our librarians are happy to perform literature searches on your behalf. You can use this service to find answers to unusual or complex clinical and administrative questions, or establish and evidence base for a potential change in your practice.
We cannot perform a literature search for you that will form part of assessed academic work but we would be happy to offer advice and training.
Several databases will be searched to provide good quality evidence-based information to support research, guideline and care pathway development, audit or policy. The results of a search will be a list of bibliographic references that will be emailed to you.
This service is available for members of staff at Whittington Health Trust, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, Islington Nursing Superhub and Islington Clinical Commissioning Group.
This service is not available to undergraduate students, however we would be happy to provide guidance.
Please allow at least 5 working days for the return of your results.


Whilst care has been taken in the selection of the materials included in this evidence search, the Library Service is not responsible for the content, accuracy or comprehensiveness of the enclosed research information. You must not use the results of this search for commercial purposes. Any usage or reproduction of the search output should acknowledge the Library Service that produced it.

Examples of literature searches

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