Bladder and Bowel Care Service - Children - Introduction
Where to Start
The bladder & bowel care service is commissioned to see children registered with GP’s in the London Borough of Islington only. If you live in the London Borough of Haringey your GP will refer your child to your local hospital to be seen in the Paediatric Department.
Once we have received your child’s referral and it has been assessed as appropriate for your child to be seen by the team will be sent a letter requesting you contact our central bookings team to make an appointment for your child to be seen at one of our children's clinics
Clinic Appointment
  • During the appointment which will last about 45 minutes your clinician will take a detailed history of your child's symptoms and their bladder and bowel habits.
  • Together you will discuss a management plan to help improve their symptoms
  • If your child has day time symptoms of having to rush to use the toilet or does not make it to the toilet in time then they will be referred to the hospital scanning department for a renal ultra scan (urinary system)
  • We work in close contact with your GP and can advise on medication and further investigations

Please find more details about how to improve your bladder and bowel health, and how to manage your condition in the ‘Advice on managing my condition’ tab on the right, or click here.
Page last updated: 24 Jul 2018
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