Staff Equality and Inclusion Networks

Whittington Health is committed to developing a range of varied support for staff around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, including routes through which staff can raise their concerns and input into the decisions made about issues which may specifically affect them in different ways.
The Inclusion Team invite staff who might be interested in developing a Staff Equality and Inclusion network, including deciding how this will be structured and run.
Colleagues are invited to join our staff network Facebook Groups by clicking below (these may not be accessible on trust devices but can be accessed on personal devices):
Whittington Ability Group - for anyone with a disability or an interest in disability issues in the workplace.
Whittington LGBT Group - for any LGBT staff of those with an interested in LGBT issues.
Whittington BME Staff Network - for staff who wish to promote equality of opportunity for BME staff and those with an interest in BME issues.
You can join the groups if you are a current member of Whittington Health Staff at:
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