Support from the team

IANDS - SCT - Assessment and support from the team - Introduction
Assessment will be carried out by 2-3 members of the team, and will ensure that the child is seen in different places (including home, nursery and clinic).
A diagnosis may be made at the end of the assessment period and this will be discussed at an assessment feedback meeting with parents.
A detailed report is written to summarise the findings and recommendations to support the child’s development.
A school or nursery meeting is also offered to discuss the outcomes of the assessment and next steps.
If the outcome of the assessment is autism, support is offered to parents and the staff working with the child in nursery or school, up to reception age.
Support to parents begins with a “What is Autism?” workshop.
This will then enable access to a range of parent workshops, and the NAS EarlyBird Programme.
Other forms of support offered include:
  • Liaison with education services, support with the transition to school, provision of resources such as communication aids, and signposting or referral to other local services such as Early Support key working, Islington SEND Community Support Service and Centre 404.
The team may also offer (if needed):
  • Access to the Sensory integration clinic
  • Family Counselling
  • Follow up from a Paediatrician
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