Main Address

  • Clinic 3A
    The Whittington Hospital
    Magdala Avenue
    N19 5NF


  • Monday to Friday
    10am to 12pm and
    2pm to 4pm

ECG - A graphic recording of cardiac electrical activities exercise tolerance test – A comprehensive recording of ECG’s along with blood pressure, when patients are walking on a treadmill twenty-four hour ECG (patient returns the next day to have it removed) – A continuous electronic reading of the ECG for 24 hours twenty-four hour blood pressure (patient returns the next day to have it removed) – intermittent recording of the blood pressure for 24 hours cardiomemo – intermittent or continuous recording of the ECG for a few days/weeks echocardiogram – ultrasound images of the heart and big arteries transoesophageal echocardiogram – ultrasound image of the heart recorded from the oesophagus dobutamine stress echocardiogram – a series of ultrasound images of heart recorded when the patient is intravenously infused with dobutamine which puts the heart under stress transcranial doppler – an ultrasound recording of blood flow in a big artery in the brain. Respiratory function is also situated within the cardiology department.

Making an appointment:

We hold outpatient clinics on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Wednesdays in the main outpatient department. Thursdays clinic is held in the cardiology department. Appointments are made by referral from your GP.

The rapid access chest pain clinic is available every day. Appointments are made by referral from your GP.

Further Information

Administrator - Usha Tewari 020 7288 5693

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