Neonatal Unit recognised for committing to high quality care

Neonatal Unit recognised for committing to high quality care

30 Nov 2022

The Whittington Hospital Neonatal team have been awarded silver accreditation from Bliss Baby Charter.


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The Whittington Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  (NICU) has been awarded silver accreditation from Bliss Baby Charter, recognising the team for having demonstrated commitment to the delivery of high quality, family-centred care.
The Bliss Baby Charter was developed to help hospitals to assess the quality of care they provide to babies and families, and identify areas in need of improvement.
Over 3,600 babies are born under the care of Whittington Health each year and around 400 of those are born ill, too small, or too soon and will need to be admitted to the NICU for treatment.
"We have an exceptional team working on our unit" says Lead Nurse, Adesegun Oremule. 
"As a team, we have made many positive change to work towards this accreditation - from making our hospital environment more welcoming to improving the information and support we give families.
"It's great to see these changes have made such a difference!"
The accreditation comes as plans were recently approved to invest a large sum of money in improving the maternity and neonatal facilities. 
In total, over 100 million will be spent on the long-term project with the aim for the new refurbishment to match the high standard of service that staff already provide.
Investment in these areas will result in modern and welcoming facilities for families, patients, and our staff. Families will have access to ensuite rooms for their comfort and privacy and two bereavement spaces will also be created, which will support the care given to families dealing with a sad loss.
"Getting this award is a culmination of all the hard work the team have put in over many years to improve the journey of the babies and families who come through NICU," says Adesegun.
You can read more about our Maternity Transformation Programme here.

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