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09 Sep 2022

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

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We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Whittington Health Chair, Baroness Julia Neuberger and CEO, Helen Brown have paid tribute to her, saying:
"It was with the deepest sadness that we learned of the death of Her Majesty, The Queen. 
"The Queen was a constant in all of our lives for the past 70 years and we pay tribute to her life of service to this country, the Commonwealth and to the world. She was a commanding figure who led with wise judgement, compassion, and an inherent belief in the good within everyone.
"Many of our colleagues will have their own special memories of The Queen. Indeed, many of our nurses have enjoyed receiving the gift of daffodils each spring from Her Majesty’s Sandringham estate in recognition of the status of our Royal Northern Health Centre, formally the Royal Northern Hospital, as a Royal institution. A tradition started by Her Majesty dating back nearly 40 years.
"At this desperately sad moment, our thoughts and those of everyone at Whittington Health are with The King and the whole Royal Family to whom we send our deepest condolences."

 Arrangements for Appointments Scheduled for Monday 19 September

It has been confirmed that Her Majesty’s funeral will take place on Monday 19 September, which has been declared as a bank holiday, in line with normal arrangements for state funerals. This means that standard bank holiday arrangements will apply. 
This means that only urgent and essential services will operate. Most planned appointments will be rearranged, and we will contact you with further details of your new appointment as soon as possible. Some urgent appointments may still go ahead – and those patients will be contacted to confirm this, if you no longer wish to attend, please do let us know before your appointment. 
We apologise if your appointment is cancelled and rearranged. 
Our Emergency Department will continue to be open at all times throughout the Bank Holiday weekend for those requiring emergency care for serious and life-threatening conditions. If you need urgent medical advice or treatment, but it isn't life threatening please help us to help you by contacting NHS 111 first either online at 111.nhs.uk or by calling 111 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Once you have been assessed by a nurse or healthcare professional, if you need to visit A&E, NHS 111 can book arrival time slots in all local A&E departments across England including at our department. NHS 111 can also make direct appointments at GP surgeries and urgent treatment centres or send an ambulance if your condition is serious or life-threatening. If you have signs of a heart attack, severe difficulty breathing, stroke, heavy bleeding, serious injury, seizures, severe allergic reaction or have tried to end your life, call 999 now.
Some local Pharmacies may have different opening hours during a bank holiday click here to find an open pharmacy near you.
If you need urgent dental treatment this bank holiday, contact your regular dentist, if you cannot contact your dentist use NHS 111 online for information about your local out of hours service 

Support with Grief
Whist most of us will have not met or known The Queen personally, many of us will have felt a deep affection for and a bond with her. It is therefore normal that some people might experience feelings of grief.
Equally, events such as this can also remind us of our own personal losses and resurface, or surface for the first time, much more personal grief.
If you are struggling you can find out more about Symptoms of bereavement, grief and loss and advice and support to deal with them on the NHS website by clicking here.

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