Useful websites

  • Health Foundation: Co-creating Health -
    The Health Foundation is a charitable foundation working to improve the quality of healthcare across the UK and beyond. In partnership with others, we are helping to shape a future healthcare system that offers safe, effective and responsive care for all.
  • Improving Chronic Illness Care -
    Improving Chronic Illness Care is an improvement programme launched in 1998 with the Wagner Chronic Care Model at its conceptual core, now effectively spread across the US. This website provides a vast array of research and practical quality improvement tools.
  • Health Services Management Centre, Birmingham University -
    The Health Services Management Centre at Birmingham University has a Long-term Conditions Network. Many of the excellent presentations given to its meetings are relevant to Co-creating Health’s vision and are available on this website.
  • New Health Partnerships -
    New Health Partnerships is a quality improvement programme with 20 sites across the US working to embed self-management support into their health services. The site has useful comprehensive resource lists and links sections.
  • Video with Techniques for Effective Patient Self-Management -
    The California Health Foundation has produced a 30-minute training video designed for clinicians, which outlines the strategies and tools of self-management support.
  • South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust -
    South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust serves a local population of more than a million people across the boroughs of Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth, providing a full range of mental health and social care services. This trust is focusing the Co-creating Health initiative on depression.
  • Health Service Journal: Article on Self-management: co-creating health -
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