Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Teams

Speech and Language Therapy

We work with children with a range of difficulties around communication and eating. We work with speech (e.g. speech sounds, dysfluency), language (e.g. words and sentences), communication (e.g. listening and interaction skills), and those who have eating and drinking difficulties.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps you to live your best life at home, at school, at leisure. It’s about being able to do the things you want and have to do. That could mean helping you overcome challenges with fine motor tasks like holding educational tools, self-care tasks like dressing or brushing your teeth. A child's sensory needs are also addressed with appropriate strategies to help maintain function in daily tasks.  The focus is on increasing the child's independence, participation and wellbeing.
Activities or “occupations” children and young people may wish to develop participation skills in are:
Personal care occupations:
  • Dressing
  • Eating and drinking (using cutlery)
  • Washing themselves
  • Brushing their teeth

Productivity occupations:
  • Being able to attend to school
  • Using classroom tools such as a pencil, scissors and rulers

Leisure occupations:

  • Attending a dance or swimming lesson
  • Painting
  • Playing in the park with friends
  • Any activity the child/young person finds enjoyable and fun.

We work with you, health, education and social care colleagues, to help your child get the most from their lives and achieve their potential.


We work with children who have difficulties with mobility and gross motor tasks like sitting, standing and walking due to disability or developmental delay.
Page last updated: 25 Oct 2022
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