Acute, MSK, Physical Development

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We provide:
  • Assessment and intervention of children to support development of early motor skills and early walking concerns of children under 5
  • Assessment and intervention of children and young people to address mild to moderate physical and movement needs arising from a birth, congenital or long-term condition with the focus to promote development of physical skills, maximize on physical function and independence, where possible limit secondary physical complications and to enable participation at home, nursery/school and in the community
  • Assessment and intervention of children and young people to support rehabilitation required for Musculo-Skeletal difficulties associated with under 5ís (not specialist services) and those over 5 where there is an MSK need arising with a developmental or congenital disorder, following surgery/intervention, or as a result of chemotherapy
  • Cerebral Palsy (CP) Clinic: providing the assessment of posture and joint range of movement (according to CPIP assessment schedule) and the assessment of functional skills with advice / recommendations for children with mild / moderate CP
  • Children referred to this pathway are largely seen in outpatient clinic
Last updated01 Nov 2022
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