Speech, Voice, Dysfluency

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Children and young people are offered support in the Speech, Voice and Dysfluency (SVD) Pathway if any of the following are their primary area of need:
  • delayed or disordered speech sound development
  • a voice disorder
  • early childhood dysfluency, stammering or cluttering

There may be a combination of the above, and also difficulties with understanding or use of language. If language or social communication difficulties are the main need, a child would usually be transferred to the Language or Social Communication Pathways.
Children and young people can access the SVD Pathway from preschool age to 18 years old. All age groups are seen in health centres/clinics as the main venue for appointments with the SVD Pathway.
We aim to work in partnership with parents and involve them in the therapy process. Parents will be invited to attend sessions with children and young people across the age range, with parental involvement adapted to suit age and needs.
We offer a ‘blended’ approach, which may combine face-to-face and online sessions. Therapy may be delivered individually, in groups, or pairs as appropriate to needs and evidence-based practice. Home/school programmes and training for parents and education staff may also provided.
A child or young person in the SVD Pathway will be seen by a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) or trained  Integrated Therapies Assistants (ITAs), who work in consultation with the SLTs.
If a child has a need for Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy, they will be seen by those therapies in addition to Speech and Language Therapy.
Page last updated: 26 Sep 2022
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