Language Support

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Children and young people are placed on the Language Pathway if they have difficulties with their understanding and/or use of language as their current primary need that is not related to hearing loss and/or social communication difficulties.  A child or young person in this pathway may have other diagnoses such as Cerebral Palsy or Down’s syndrome and may also have speech support  needs.
Children and young people may receive support from this pathway from their early years right through until they are in post-16 educational settings.
Children in their early years will be seen in clinic or a children’s centre.  We may see children individually, paired or as part of a group.
Children who are school aged would usually be seen within their educational setting if they attend a  Barnet Local Authority school. Again, this may be individually, paired, or as part of a group.
Children or Young People within the Language Pathway will be seen by a Speech and Language Therapist or Integrated Therapy Assistant.
If a child also has a need for Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy they will also be seen by those therapies.  These sessions may take place individually or jointly.
Page last updated: 26 Sep 2022
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