How long will I stay in after my surgery?

The majority of patients will go home the same day. On rare occasions an overnight stay may be needed if we need to observe you further.

Can I get a sick note?

Please speak to a member of staff on the day if you need a note.

How do I manage the pain?

The nerve block provides the initial pain relief. You will be given painkillers to go home with.

Can I use my operated hand after surgery?

While you should not attempt to lift anything heavy or use the hand too much, we do advise you to keep the fingers moving to prevent stiffness.

I have been given a sling, can I remove it?

The sling is to help elevate your hand to prevent swelling and for comfort. You can take the sling off at any time and you do not need to sleep with it on, although there is no harm in doing so. After a week or two, the sling can usually be discarded if you feel comfortable. Do not forget to take your arm out to exercise the wrist, elbow and shoulder to prevent stiffness.

When can I shower?

As long as you keep the bandage or plaster dry, showering is absolutely fine. There are products available for this (Limbo) or you can simply use a plastic bag sealed with tape. If at the 2 week appointment your wound is fully healed, getting it wet would not be a problem.

Can I drive?

In order to drive you must be in full control of the vehicle at all times. While there are no set rules, driving with a bulky bandage or plaster is not recommended.

When can I go back to work?

This depends on both the nature of your work and the operation performed. You will be advised on the day if there are any specific restrictions and when to return to work.

Who takes out my stitches?

A lot of the time dissolvable stitches will be used, so these wonít need taking out. Otherwise, at the 2 week appointment we will remove them in clinic.

What if I want to discuss the operation further?

Please call or email Jane Applebee, PA to Mr Berber, who will be able to arrange a further clinic appointment for you.

What if I change my mind about surgery?

You can cancel your operation at any time, but please give us as much notice as you can. Contact the bookings department who will cancel the surgery and inform the team.

Who do I contact if I run into problems after the surgery?

During office hours 9-5, please call Jane Applebee for non-urgent problems. For urgent problems that cannot wait, come to Accident & Emergency and let the staff know of your recent surgery.

Last updated16 Sep 2020
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