Message in a bottle could save lives

Message in a bottle could save lives
Vulnerable adults, particularly people who are unwell or elderly, are being urged to keep a message in a bottle as it could one day save their life.
The ‘Message in a Bottle’ campaign, launched in this month, ensures that if an Islington resident has an accident or becomes ill at home, medical staff will have access to emergency medical information within seconds.
Duty station officer Gareth Tumelty, a London Ambulance Service Paramedic from Islington ambulance station said: “Message in a Bottle is simple. The bottle - which is placed in a person’s fridge - is a clearly labelled plastic tube containing information. Obviously it includes details like name and age, but also details of your GP, any illnesses you have, allergies, medication you are on and where you keep your medication. It even contains details of a your pets so that they wont be forgotten if you are taken to hospital.
“If you are part of the scheme you display a sticker on the inside of your front door and one on the door of the fridge – everyone has a fridge and they are easy to find in a house or flat. Paramedics, doctors, the police and the fire service will look out for these stickers and know that this information is available. In an emergency every second counts and medical staff need to make life saving decisions.”
The ‘Message in a Bottle’ kit is free of charge and will be available in GP surgeries, community centres and libraries.
The Whittington's Mandy Buglass who works in pharmacy and is involved in the scheme says “This scheme is so simple, but saves lives. I first came across the it when I was at home in the North East of England and spent some time trying to get it up and running here at the Whittington so its brilliant that its going to be launched in February. A year ago I received lots of bottles from Camden Council who were very helpful and these are available for Camden residents too".
Page last updated: 16 Aug 2021
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