GP MSK training resources

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Please explore these other external MSK resources which we think you will find useful.
Encouraging exercise to all our patients in as many consultations as you can.

UK CMO guideline summary – why not print them out and put on the walls in you consult rooms to remind us all.

Arthritis Research UK

(Learning modules,  ‘Hands on’ Guides, links to information leaflets)

Primary Care Area

Shoulder Doc

UK based information on shoulder problems

Ortho Info

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Good all-round information on orthopaedic condition.


 Calculate FRAX score
Does your patient need calcium supplements or are they getting enough from their diet? 

Essential Anatomy 3 (android, google, play) or 5 (apple)

To brush up on anatomy, or to show the 3D anatomy to your patients on your phone or tablet
This APP is at a slight cost, but it is impressive and you may find it is worth having - please note we have no pecuniary interest in this product.

Holistic MSK Care

For patients with longer term or persistent (chronic) pain consider care planning.

You could use the below diagram (print out and ask patient to circle their priorities).

Figure 9 on p23 of  ARC UK Care planning and MSK health.
GP MSK Resources - Holistic MSK Care Image

Alternative MSK Information to show patients

The Scottish NHS health information website is excellent.
You may wish to show you patients this site.

: The MSK helpline is only for patients in Scotland
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