Welcome to our new-look Children and Young Peopleís (CYP) website

26 May 2017
Welcome to our new-look Children and Young Peopleís (CYP) website. The new site has been launched as part of our digital development programme to better engage and communicate with patients, parents and our service users.
Whatís new?
As you will see it looks and feels a lot different from the previous site design but is still fully integrated with the Whittington Health Trust site allowing you to browse and stay connected to areas outside of Children and Young Peopleís services.
The new site has been designed to be fully responsive to ensure it is desktop, mobile and tablet optimised - with the revamp aiming for a "less cluttered" feel that is more user-friendly.
We have redesigned the structure of our services to fit into one of 10 categories which is accessible directly from our new home page. This will not only help you find the service you require more easily but is better designed to signpost you to related services that you may need in your health journey with us.
With over 40 hospital and community services run by the CYP we recognise that each service is different; thatís why we are redesigning these pages to better suit the individual needs of the services and their users, moving away from a single formatted, and less dynamic design.
We have also introduced a CYP specific news section. This section will provide you with up to date news stories on our services, projects that we are working on or involved in, local and national news relevant to our area, as well as details of health campaigns and events that we are involved in.

What to expect
As the site grows and evolve we want to find better ways to actively engage with you. We will therefore be creating more video content across the site as we know that this is the preferred way of learning about a service. Our use of social media is improving as we find new ways to get important messages out to you. The use of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook will also help you create and share content and allow you to participate in social networking which in turn will help us better understand what you need from us as a service.
We are also working towards creating self-service portals that will allow patients to book into a service and choose a specific time slot to see a health practitioner. The aim of this is to enable more choice for patients and parents as well as providing a more streamlined and effective system for the Trust.


Effective digital design is an ever-evolving process and as we work to incorporate the latest technologies and make our content easy to access, we will rely on you to help us along the way.
Let us know what you think; what works, what could be improved as well as any stories or topics that you think should be covered.
Send us a tweet.
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