Countering Fraud

Whittington Health is committed to reducing fraud to a minimum which is supported in full by the Trust Board and monitored on a regular basis by the Trust’s audit committee.

To achieve this, we work in partnership with BDO, a professional services firm which provides a dedicated NHS accredited counter fraud specialist (CFS) to the Trust. Our CFS is responsible for fraud awareness across the Trust and the investigation of any suspected or reported fraud activity. This work is supported by regular risk assessment and fraud and bribery prevention techniques. The CFS recently undertook a compliance exercise to assure the Trust Board of compliance against national standards for countering fraud and bribery.

Your help in preventing and reporting suspected frauds can play a vital part in tackling NHS fraud.

What is fraud?

“Obtaining goods, services or money by deceptive means.”
Government Fraud Review 2005

“Fraud is obtaining of financial advantage or causing of loss by deception.”
ACPO Fraud Report 2007

Examples of NHS Trust fraud:
  • Job application fraud
  • Fraudulent sick leave
  • Mandate or ‘change of bank account’ fraud
  • False invoice scams
  • Not working contracted hours
  • Procurement fraud

Counter fraud strategy

In line with NHS Protect’s standard for providers, the key aims of our counter fraud strategy are:

Strategic governance
We support and direct anti-fraud, bribery and corruption work through regular monitoring of counter fraud activity at the audit committee, and by promoting adherence to the Trust’s fraud policy.

Inform and involve
We inform and involve all staff in the promotion, prevention and detection of anti–fraud, bribery and corruption work, ensuring that all are aware of their specific responsibilities in countering fraud, bribery and corruption.

Prevent and deter
Where appropriate, we publicise successful fraud, bribery and corruption cases to deter fraud and ‘fraud-proof’ policies and procedures to reduce the opportunity to commit fraud in high-risk business areas.

Hold to account
The chief finance officer will authorise investigations of alleged fraud against the Trust and where appropriate endorse legal sanctions against staff who have been found to have defrauded the Trust.

How to report fraud

If you suspect fraud or bribery you should:
  • Contact the Trust's local counter fraud specialist and/or the director of finance
  • Secure records in your possession
  • Record details of relevant events
  • Await further advice
James Shortall
Counter Fraud Specialist
020380 881 767 (DDI)
NHS fraud reporting line
0800 028 4060
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