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We treat people who suffer from bladder symptoms, urinary incontinence, urinary infection or symptoms associated with these conditions.

Patients are seen in the Clinical Area of the Department of Medicine located on the Archway Campus (UCL), Clerkenwell Building, Highgate Hill. This is located on the opposite side of Highgate Hill to the hospital. We see patients of both sexes and any age.

Cystometrograms are carried out in this department as well.

Professor Malone-Lee is the Professor of Medicine specialising in urinary tract symptoms, his office and laboratories are located on the campus.


020 7288 5511


Referrals need to be made via the patientís GP.

Further Information

Contact us:
For enquiries relating to your outpatient appointment telephone 020 7288 5511/5512
Professor of Medicine
Professor James Malone-Lee
Secretary: Martel Daley-Peart 020 7288 5301
PA : Marcia Nickle 020 7288 5308

Key staff

Mr Sudhanshu Chitale

Mr Sudhanshu Chitale[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Urologist and Lead for the Urology/ Urology Diabetes Service and Male Fertility

Mr Paul Erotocritou

Mr Paul Erotocritou[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Urologist

Mr Maneesh Ghei

Mr Maneesh Ghei[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Urologist and Lead for the Urology Cancer Services

Professor James Malone-Lee

Professor James Malone-Lee[StaffQualifications]

Head of the Community Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Service

Mr Barry Maraj

Mr Barry Maraj[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Urologist and Lead Clinician for the Urology Team

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