Children's Audiology (Hearing) Service

Children's Audiology (Hearing) Service

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The 2nd tier children’s audiology service is provided to all children aged 6months to 18years of age or 19 if still in education and has developmental problems or a disability.
This service is provided to children and young people who live in Camden and Islington or attend a school in Camden and Islington where there are concerns about hearing problems requiring audiological assessments.

Further Information

Key contacts
Clinic Reception Audiological Medicine
t: 020 3224 4698
Adult Audiology Secretary
t: 020 3224 4675 (24 hours)
Paediatric Audiology Secretary
t: 020 3224 4626  /  020 3224 4689 and 0203 224 4675

Lead Audiologist
Meera Sebastianpillai
Working on it!