Staff Influenza Vaccination Programme

Employers are required to offer “flu” immunisation to staff involved in the delivery of care and / or support to patients. The aim is to protect patients, as well as staff, by reducing the risk of “flu” being transmitted from staff to patients and vice versa.

Influenza vaccine is now available for staff immunisation and the first priority will be given to frontline staff i.e. clinicians, nurses, midwives, professions allied to medicine (PAMs), lab staff, facilities and on-site social workers. Should there be sufficient stocks of vaccine, the programme will be extended to other staff within the trust.

The vaccine is an inactivated vaccine. Each year the choice of strains varies depending on the strains predicted to be likely to cause large outbreaks of influenza

Please read the list of contraindications on the consent form and tell the person who is to administer the vaccine if any of these apply to you before being vaccinated.
Mild flu-like symptoms, which are not infectious, are not an uncommon side-effect of vaccination; however, serious side-effects are rarely observed. Adverse reactions, other than mild flu-like symptoms, should be reported to the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Service (020 7288 3351)

The Department of Health is keen to monitor the effectiveness of the vaccination programme over this winter. If you do develop any flu-like illness, please would you make a note of its duration and severity and pass this information on to your manager upon your return to work.

I have read the information above and I hereby consent to be immunised with influenza vaccine by The Whittington Health NHS Trust.