Paediatric Ambulatory Care Unit

The paediatric ambulatory unit is situated between the inpatient ward and outpatient clinics and has six beds and two cubicles. In this unit we see children who have appointments for a variety of day case procedures such as blood transfusions, skin prick testing and imaging procedures.

It also provides a service where children with certain acute illnesses can be closely monitored and managed by experienced paediatric staff with a view to discharge on the same day, avoiding hospital admission wherever possible.

Children with oncology (blue) or haematology (red) ‘emergency cards who are known to us, can be seen directly on the unit without needing an Children's Emergency Department or GP referral.
Children with standard (yellow) ermergency cards, who are known to us with other chronic illnessess, are seen in Children's emergency department, directly by the paedaitric team.

We see approximately 4000 children per year in this unit.
Last updated27 Jul 2012
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