Our Response to the Ockenden Review of Maternity Services at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

We are here to support you

Our midwives, and all midwives in the NHS are giving extra support to Black, Asian and minority ethnic women during coronavirus.
As a pregnant woman from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background, you may feel worried about coronavirus and our maternity team are still here to help you, so contact our maternity team or your midwife as you would normally and they can advise how best to help you.
Watch a short video produced by the NHS which describes how maternity care is being delivered safely during coronavirus.

What does this mean for you?

We will work with you to provide extra support during this unprecedented time. Some studies suggest that B.A.M.E. pregnant woman are more likely to be admitted to hospital with coronavirus than white women, with Asian women four times more likely and Black women eight times more likely.
Whilst more research is being undertaken to understand why this is the case and what are the contributing factors, maternity services have been asked to take extra precautions to keep you safe, which includes prioritising your care and access to services.
It is also important that you take extra steps to protect yourself and follow the advice about how to avoid getting coronavirus.
If you think you have coronavirus then alert your maternity team and they will advise you about what to do next. You are still able to come and see us if you need us but it is important that the maternity team know in advance.

Tell us if you have concerns about coming into hosptial

You may be hesitant for all sorts of reasons to visit hospital and attend your appointments during this time so let your know midwife know if you  do and they can suggest other options rather than you having to go to the hospital or clinic. This could mean having telephone consultations or attending your antenatal appointments in a local community hub.
Remember to attend all your antenatal appointments and seek help early from your midwife or maternity team if you have any concerns about your health or your babyís health.

Where can you access support from us?

As part of giving you extra care and support during this time, your maternity team will discuss what matters most to you, so donít forget to mention what issues that you are particularly worried about even if they are not about being Ďpregnantí. It is likely that they will be able to sign-post to you to other available support and information.

If you have any questions or need support, please donít hesitate to:

If you think you have Coronavirus, please inform your Midwifery Team/Maternity Team and they will advise you about what to do next. This is really important to keep you and your baby well.

Things you can do to help you have a healthy pregnancy

Taking vitamins and supplements

Ensure you take your free Vitamins (A, C and D) throughout your pregnancy and afterwards. These will be given to you by your midwife during your pregnancy and afterwards, for free. 
You can also collect free Vitamin D supplements in our antenatal clinic. Just ask one of our team when you are with us.
Vitamins will help to keep you healthy during your pregnancy and will prevent a lack of Vitamin D which is important for  building your immune system.

Attending your appointments

Please see your midwife as planned and ensure you keep in touch in between appointments if you are worried about yourself or your baby.
Some of your appointments may now be via Attend Anywhere which is just like having a 1-1 with your midwife or doctor, but is via video call instead. This appointment can also be a voice call on the phone if you do not have access to the internet or enough data on your phone. 

Monitoring your baby

If you are aged 35 or over, have diabetes or high blood pressure, you will need to be seen more often by the midwives, doctors and specialists as your and babyís health must be closely monitored. Please attend any appointments you are offered.

Don't delay in contacting us

It is safe to see us when you need us, so please go to the hospital at any time you are worried that your baby is not moving as usual.

Reaching out for support

Ask your midwife, Health Visitor or GP how to get help if you are feeling low or have problems at home or contact our Maternity Voices group who can provide support.

The importance of taking Vitamin D in pregnancy

Useful resources

Keep up-to-date with national guidance about pregnancy during Coronavirus by clicking on the link above.
Page last updated: 09 Feb 2021
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