Welcome to the home of The Whittington Health Charity
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We are the official charity of Whittington Health NHS Trust, caring for over 500,000 people and home to over 4,500 staff. 
Our charity’s ultimate goal is to improve the standard of care provided to our community. In order to meet this aim, we fund projects that fit into one or more of the following five categories:
  1. State-of-the-art equipment and technology
  2. Enhancing the health environment
  3. Patient and community wellbeing
  4. Staff wellbeing
  5. Research and education.
Since March 2020, the Charity’s has been primarily focused on supporting our staff and patients through the Covid-19 pandemic. Only through public support have we been able to fund projects ranging from providing nutritious hot meals for staff on night shifts, to the delivery of programmes focused on addressing the mental health implications of the pandemic on our staff.
If you would like to support our patients and staff, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our charity team, who can outline how you can make a positive impact with your support and help us achieve our mission of helping local people live longer, healthier lives.
Phone: 0207 288 3402
If you are a member of Whittington Health staff and would like to know more about applying for a charity grant, nominating fundraising projects or staff fundraising, please go to the charity intranet page by clicking here.
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