Cancer Care

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Service lead: Dr Sue Gibbons

Who is in the team?

  • Dr Sue Gibbons - Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Emily Leonhardt-Parr - Counselling Psychologist
  • Trainee clinical psychologists

Who do we provide services for?

A diagnosis of cancer may influence a personís mood, their relationships, activities, spirituality, work or other areas of their life. The Cancer Care Psychology Service works with people who are struggling with the impact of cancer and its treatment upon their lives.
The team only accepts referrals from members of the oncology team at the Whittington Hospital, (i.e. doctors, CNSs and Macmillan staff).  All clients under the care of the oncology team are eligible for an assessment appointment.
Psychology input focuses on helping people to live with the impact of the cancer and the treatment, to build on their existing strengths and resources, to explore ways of coping and to learn and practice new strategies.
The Cancer Care Psychology Service offers one-to-one and group sessions. Usually patients are offered up to 6 one-to-one sessions, sessions are currently only offered to cancer patients, but they are free to bring their partner, family member, or friend to their appointments.
The C Factor offers supportive sessions for people going through cancer. It offers 8 fortnightly 2-hour sessions using a storytelling approach to discuss the emotional effects of going through cancer and its treatment.
Current therapy approaches offered include:
  • Systemic and Narrative approaches
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

How can I get referred?

The patient can request a psychology referral through any member of their medical team (e.g., Clinical Nurse Specialist Ė CNS, Consultant, or Macmillan Information & Support Manager).
The team only accepts referrals from members of the oncology team at Whittington Health.
If the patient feels unable to wait until the next appointment, they (or someone on their behalf) can contact the CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) for their tumour group* by contacting the Whittington Hospital switchboard on 0207 272 3070. The CNS can then make the referral (unless there are clear reasons why they think this is not appropriate).
The medical practitioner makes a referral through the electronic system, including the patientís main reasons for wanting psychological support, what they hope to gain from the sessions, and the patientís contact phone number and email.
 * Tumour groups are: skin; haematology; lung; colorectal; kidney, bladder, prostate and testicular; breast and gynaecological cancer. 

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Page last updated: 13 Jun 2022
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