Women's Health

Many women attending hospital clinics relating specifically to their reproductive health find their lives are affected in a range of different ways, including:
  • dealing with the physical effects of the condition
  • finding their coping skills reduced leading to helplessness
  • worrying or feeling hopeless about the future
  • experiencing mental health problems such as anxiety or depression
  • losing self-confidence as a result of on-going stressors
  • experiencing strained relationships with partners, family and friends
  • feeling isolated and not being able to talk about their health.
The Women’s Health Psychology Service works with women under the care of the following Whittington multidisciplinary teams:
  • Perinatal Mental Health Team: with women who experience concerns relating to their pregnancy, most commonly mood difficulties (anxiety, depression, phobias, etc.)
  • Fertility/Gynaecology team: with women who experience fertility treatment as psychologically stressful and /or as physically challenging as well as with women who experience problems from conditions such as POF, PCOS or vulval pain and other gynaecological difficulties
  • Midwifery:  with women who experience difficulties arising from traumatic birth experiences.
This service is not an emergency service. We can help women to manage their situation better by (1) understanding the stressors contextually, (2) validating their experiences, (3) exploring links between physical and psychological health and (4) identifying and imparting strategies to allow for a sense of control over the situation. We also liaise with other services as appropriate.


Referrals can be made by the following Whittington teams:
Whittington Hospital Teams: Antenatal (including Midwifery), Perinatal Mental Health, Fertility, Gynaecology
Patients can request a psychology referral form through any member of their medical team, complete it and email it directly to our service.
Healthcare practitioner referrals
Any treating practitioner can complete a Women’s Health referral form and email it to our clinical health psychology service.

Note - urgent referrals: pregnant women referred at or after 34 weeks gestation will be seen depending on resources so treatment cannot be guaranteed.

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