Special School Health (Islington)

Special Schools Health and Therapies Team


  • Monday to Friday

We support students to achieve their potential at home and at school, working closely with families, carers and teachers. Special schools in Islington include Samuel Rhodes, The Bridge School and Richard Cloudesley.

Our team includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, health care assistants, therapy assistants and specialist nurses


Interventions are available at home and school to provide consistent support for children.

Interventions include:
  • Advice and information
  • Training for parents and professionals
  • Specialist equipment
  • Support with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) systems
  • 24-hour postural care and dysphagia management
  • Pre and post operative care plans
  • Assessment for splints, orthosis and other equipment

Continuing care assessments

We assist with continuing care assessments for children and young people in Islington with complex needs and support their transition to other services when they leave school.

Special schools

During term time our healthcareprofessionals are based at special schools across Islington. At other times they are based at the Northern Health Centre.

Bridge Primary School
020 7619 1000
Bridge Secondary School
020 7715 0320
Richard Cloudesley Primary School
020 7704 8127 ext 5501
Richard Cloudesley Secondary School
020 7786 4800
Samuel Rhodes Primary School
020 7704 7490
Samuel Rhodes Secondary School
020 7704 7490


All children and young people accepted to Richard Cloudesley or Bridge school are either transferred from existing Islington teams or referred by the head teacher.
Children and young people at Samuel Rhodes can be referred via the central referrals team dependent on need.

Lead manager

Christine Hale and Laura Perez Adamson
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