What to bring with you

Have your bags ready!

Only 5% of babies actually come on their due date, so it is always a good idea to have your bags packed and ready to go. 
Although it is tempting to bring everything including the kitchen sink to the hospital, in reality you donít really need very much.
Below is a list to get you started:

For you

Old night / t-shirt for labour nightware
Lightweight dressing gown
Big knickers / disposable knickers
Nursing bras
Wash kit
Sanitary pads - extra absorbent, not tampons
Clothes to wear on the ward and for going home - loose clothing such as tracksuit trousers and t-shirts
Any medications that you usually take
Snacks for you and your partner

For your baby

Cotton wool (not baby wipes)
Vests (4)
Clothes (4 sets)
Shawl / blanket
Car seat / pram - to take the baby home, all babies must be in a secure carrier to go home
If you are going to bottle feed, please bring in the milk and bottles that you wish to use
Working on it!