Virgin Sport Westminster 10k Run 2017
On Sunday 9 July 2017, a team of 50 runners took to the streets of London for the Westminster 10k Run. By race day alone, they had raised over £11,000 for a range of departments, services and wards including maternity, children's and care of the elderly. We are very grateful to them for all their training and fundraising. There is still time to support them by clicking on the links below.
This great fun run route takes in some of the capital’s most famous and iconic sights and finishes outside Downing Street! If you have been inspired by our team and you are interested in taking part next year, please contact Graham Brogden, Head of Fundraising on 020 7288 3402 or

Alison Kett, Head of Nursing at Whittington Health, is running in aid of the Elderly Medical Ward. Alison said: ‘My colleagues on the Elderly Medical Ward are dedicated and professional staff and deliver great care to our older patients. My husband and I are doing the run together to support them and to help enhance the environment on the ward.’  Please click here to support Alison.
David Chapman and his wife, Alison Kett, are running in aid of the Elderly Medical Ward. David said: ‘I am constantly inspired by the great care and treatment Alison and her colleagues deliver to patients across Whittington Health. I share Alison’s passion in improving the environment for the elderly patients so jumped at the chance to do the 10K run with her again having taken part in 2016.‘  Please click here to support David.
Chika Okonkwo, a Midwifery Ward Manager, is running in aid of our Maternity services. Chika said: ‘I am doing the 10K run with some of my colleagues to raise funds to enhance the maternity unit and particularly Cellier Ward. It will be great to develop the facilities and improve the patient experience for our women and their families.’  Please click here to support Chika.
Constance Danlardy, a Young Parent Midwife at Whittington Health, is running to help improve women’s experience of our maternity services. Constance said: ‘We are refurbishing our maternity unit and rising funds to improve the environment and facilities for women after giving birth.  Please click here to support Constance.
Graham Brogden is running in aid of the Children’s Ward Play Terrace refurbishment. Graham said: ‘Our children's ward doctors, nurses, support staff and play specialists all do an amazing job with limited resources and the play terrace is in need of an overhaul. We aim to provide a new play space for our young patients whilst they are going through challenging times. Play isn't just 'play' - it is very therapeutic when a youngster is distressed and can be a good distraction before, during and after treatments. It just helps their stay in hospital that little bit easier.’  Please click here to support Graham.
Krisharna Quildon, an Administrator in our Imaging Department, is running in aid of the General Fund. Krisharna said: ‘This will be my first ever 10K run. I rose to the challenge as I really like helping people with my job at the Hospital and taking part in the 10K and raising money for the hospital will be another great way of helping others.’  Please click here to support Krisharna.
Mahera Chaudry, PACS/RIS Manager in Imaging at Whittington Health, is running in aid of our dementia services. Mahera said: ‘Dementia affects so many of us, either by seeing a loved one suffer from it or suffering from it ourselves. My Dad had dementia and it was awful to see him change from a loving father to someone who couldn’t recognise his own family. I am doing the 10K run to raise funds to help enhance our dementia unit and create a space to spend valuable time with family and friends.’  Please click here to support Mahera.
Mala Karunaratne, a Maternity Support Officer in our Maternity Department, is running in aid of Maternity Services at Whittington Health. Mala said: ‘All sorts of colleagues from across the department are coming together to take part in the fun run and raise funds to help enhance the department. I am delighted to join them and do my bit to help improve facilities for all our patients.’ Please click here to support Mala.
Manjit Roseghini is running in aid of the redevelopment our Postnatal Ward and a second maternity theatre. ‘The second maternity theatre will reduce transfer time to the main theatres for women who need a caesarean section. Having the second theatre in the unit, and enhancing the postnatal ward will help improve the patient experience giving even more facilities to our expectant mums and family.’  Please click here to support Manjit.
Melissa Kamara, a PA at Whittington Health, is running in aid of Simmons House. Melissa said: ‘I’ve always wanted to take part in a London run and thought to myself what better reason than raising funds for Simmons House and Whittington Health Children and Adolescents Mental Health Service. I am helping raise funds for a sensory garden which is an exciting and worthwhile project that provides limitless opportunities to teach and exercise horticultural healing therapy techniques.’.  Please click here to support Melissa.
Nick Jones is running in aid of the General Fund. Nick said: ‘For the last few months I have been lucky enough to be doing a day a week secondment to Whittington Health, working on the Community Forum with Siobhan. It's also my local hospital; our three children were born here and each was a great experience. I'm running for the General Fund because so the money I raise can be put to good use in any part of the Trust.’  Please click here to support Nick.
Ngozi Nwauzo, a Midwife on Cellier Ward, is running in aid of our Maternity services. Ngozi said: ‘I am joining my colleagues on the 10K run to support the refurbishment of our post natal ward. I really want to help make it an even more special place and encourage more women to have their babies at the Whittington.’  Please click here to support Ngozi.
Sarah Oliphant, Recruitment Operations Manager at Whittington Health, is running in aid of our Maternity Department. Sarah said: ‘Having recently witnessed the arrival of my beautiful new baby granddaughter I saw first-hand the excellent and hard work of midwives and their colleagues. To celebrate her arrival I couldn’t think of a better cause to support to say thank you to such colleagues for all their care and dedication.’  Please click here to support Sarah.

Sheila Juste, an Admin Manager in Imaging at Whittington Health is running in aid of our dementia services. Sheila said: 'I am running to help enhance facilities for patients and family's suffering with dementia and Alzheimer's. My mother was diagnosed with dementia a year ago and is slowly deteriorating so I have seen first-hand the suffering the disease brings and the impact it is having on my dad and the rest of the family. I really want to do more to aid these patients and their family so I am looking forward to doing the London 10k for this very worthy cause.'  Please click here to support Sheila.
Simon Pleydell, CEO of Whittington Health NHS Trust, is running in aid of our General Fund. Simon said: ‘I enjoyed doing the 2016 London 10K with colleagues and supporters so much that I signed up again for this year. I like to support our General Fund so colleagues from any part of our Integrated Care Organisation can apply and benefit from my run and fundraising endeavours as we improve our services and facilities together.’  Please click here to support Simon.
Sonia Lorde, an Administrator in our Safeguarding team, is running in aid of the Children’s Ward Play Terrace refurbishment. Sonia said: ‘I said YES to the 10K! Some think this will be a big challenge for me as I’ve only ever run as far as 5K a few years ago but I am determined to do this as I’m supporting such a great cause being the refurbishment of our play terrace.’  Please click here to support Sonia.
The following supporters and colleagues also ran in aid of various departments, services and wards across Whittington Health NHS Trust; Aine O’Donovan, Alex Pleydell, Alys Kernan, Ann Gilbride, Danielle Juste, Ginette Williams, Hina Rai, Kate Green, Marian Hickey, Marie Smart, Nuray Temiz, Roopal Patel, Rosemeen Stevenson, Russell Nightingale, Sarah Cullen, Sarah Otley, Sophie Ruffell, Stuart Richardson, Tamara Joly, Temenuga Zhelyazkova, Theresa Bourne, Tina Blazquez-Lopez, Tom Cox, Tony Rice with his sons Tom and Andy and Tulachan Samridhi.
Thank you to all our participants and their sponsors.
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