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Literature searching
Learn how to Devise and execute a good search strategy using both keyword and subject heading searches; search primary research databases effectively by combining searches using AND/OR operators; refine your results using limits; export, Email, Save your results.
Friday 9 March  11.00 1.00
Wednesday 28 March 1.30 3.30
Thursday 19 April 2.00 4.00
Monday 14 May  11.00 1.00
Introduction to the Critical Appraisal of Quantitative Research
Introduce the main concepts of critical appraisal of research, including CASP checklists;  discuss features of quantitative research, including basic statistical concepts of power, presentation of results, confidence intervals and P values;  appraise a quantitative paper (RCT) in detail, using the appropriate CASP checklist.
Friday 23 March  1.00 4.00
Wednesday 25 April  1.00 4.00
Introduction to the Critical Appraisal of Qualitative Research
Learn how to understand key elements in the successful and accurate appraisal of a paper, discuss the features of qualitative research and the key terminology associated with it, and use a CASP checklist to critically appraise a qualitative research article.
Wednesday 4 April  1.30 4.00
Tuesday 1 May  10.00 12.30
Learn how to use this reference management software to store and organise your references, download references from databases like PubMed and HDAS, automatically manage and insert references in Microsoft Word, and sync references with Endnote Web, the online version of Endnote.

Tuesday 10 April  1.00 2.00
Monday 30 April  12.00 1.00
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