What is OpenAthens?
It is a username and password system that allows you to access and view selected online health resources from any computer with an internet connection.
Whittington Health Library administers OpenAthens accounts for Whittington Health, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, Islington CCG and Primary Care, Haringey CCG and Islington Community Nurses. For further information on training and one-to-one support in the use of NHS Athens resources please contact
The resources available through OpenAthens will vary depending on which institution you belong to. So an NHS user will see different resources from a University user.

Click here
 with your OpenAthens username and password and then click on 'My Resources'. This gives you a complete list of your national, regional and local online health resources.

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 to view which journals are available to you through NHS Athens (Canít find the article? Use our inter-library loan service. This service excludes Haringey CCG).

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 to modify your password and e-mail address or to transfer your NHS organisation.

 for an account.
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